Let's educate our youth for a healthy future- Stephanie Howard PA-C

Educational Online Classes

Comprehensive Education Series

 How much is your copay to see a specialists?  Generally, it is 40$ + for a 20 minute visit.  For 25$, you and your teen have access to over 3 hours of information.

This series is broken down into four main parts.

1- Male and Female Anatomy (This is not a human anatomy and physiology class! The information is very basic and easy to understand! I also discuss the female body, what’s normal/not normal and when you need to see a healthcare provider. Topics include menatrual cucles, pm, vaginal discharge, Breast change etc.)

2- Sexually Transmitted infections and Contraception (I discuss the risk as well as the myths and also cover different types of contraception from prescription to over the counter.)

3- Abstinence,Consent, Relationships (I discuss what abstinence is, what consent means, and healthy dating relationships and red flags. Social media, sexting, and self respect is also covered.)

4- Questions and Answers (This segment is where I answer questions that I have compiled from various courses. Chances are if it has been asked, someone else also has the same question.)

During the course, Stephanie is also available for questions through email! This series is available For one month. Please, do not share the content of this educational series.

My Changing Body

 This 1 hour video is appropriate for all the young girls in your life that you want to educate about what is going to happen to their bodies. This is not a sex education class. In this video, Stephanie will cover the female body and what all will begin to change as your loved one goes through puberty. She covers everything from breast changes, to periods, PMS, Acne and pubic hair.  This class is 10$.

College 101

 Know a teenage female about to start college!? Stephanie has developed a College 101 series that will cover how to stay healthy, how the freshman 15 happens, binge drinking, organization, and date rape. You know she is prepared academically, make sure she personally prepared.   This class is 15$.


Do you have a group wanting to take the class?  If yes, Stephanie does offer group and sibling discounts!

Public Speaking

Do you have a group or an organization you want Stephanie to speak with?